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Snom PA1 Multicast Page

Hi all, we're using yealink phone and the Snom PA1.  We want to use multicast paging however currently it is only working on the yealink phones.  We followed the guide and are looking for any suggestions

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Is the Multicast reaching the PA1? If you do a pcap trace while the page is streaming and then save and view the pcap with Wireshark, do you see the multicast packets?

I have been experiencing the same issues as Vigon International. I use the SNOM PA1 device as a classroom paging device for a product my company wrote called Fusion Bells. It was working fine with the same settings that we use through ffmpeg to multicast to Yealink phones, but about 3 months ago just stopped. It seems as if the devices are no longer joining the multicast group, and the pcap files from the SNOM device show no multicast traffic. No configuration changes have been made to the clients switching infrastructure and yealink continues to work while SNOM not.

As an example this is the ffmpeg string we have been using without fail.

ffmpeg -re -i example.wav -filter_complex 'aresample=16000,asetnsamples=n=160' -acodec g722 -ac 1 -vn -f rtp udp://

I have reduced in an attempt to mitigate it to a a sample rate of 8000

ffmpeg -re -i example.wav -filter_complex 'aresample=8000,asetnsamples=n=160' -acodec g722 -ac 1 -vn -f rtp udp://

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