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UC firmware for snom760 and snom 821

Where can I download the latest UC firmware for Snom760 and Snom821? 


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I sent you the links to the firmware to your email address 





I sent you the links to the firmware to your email address 




Hi, you can forward the email with the FW


It was sent.



Hi! Wich are the latest uc firmware?


Are you planning to make a new firmware?

Hello Roman,

the partnership has been ended by Microsoft in 2016, so for the moment the UC firmware is in a "frozen" state. This doesn't mean that we stop supporting our UC customers: customers will still receive tech support but there will be no further development on the UC edition firmware (no new features, no new device models etc..) for the moment.

Best regards,

Could I also get the 821 UC firmware please.

Does it support TLS 1.2?

Hello Steven,

please note none of the UC FW does support TLS 1.2, due to architectural constraints rendering it impossible to implement TLS 1.2!

The 821 was last qualified with OCS 2007 R2 and Lync 2010. Never with Lync 2013 or SfB!

The phone will connect succesfully via SIP TLS (Edge, FrontEnd / Pool) or HTTPs (e.g. TLS-DSK enrollment or ABS webservices) even an SHA2/256 certificate is used on the respective listeners, as long as you don't enable TLS authentication, tls_server_authentication

With tls_server_authentication ON the phone will need to parse the server certificate and fail due to unknown SHA2 / 256 scheme.

If you take the security implications of this limitation into account and put the appropriate precautions in place it should be possible to continue using the 821, of course on your own / your customer risk. One additional advice regarding the FW:

Never qualified nor certified:

WARNING: the following firmware has never been qualified with Microsoft and should not considered as supported.

snom 821:

File Name:

Size: 24365130 bytes

SHA256: d92cb21a455f43262bac3658530b8ce3e8d03a6926db1ce82e267854f90fd09d

Download URL:

File Name: snom821-UC-

Size: 24346944 bytes

SHA256: fd28d9c351f8fe69e8e169d560f290bf6636ab65c4de04e858883d1e57db171a

Download URL:

Thanks and greetings from Berlin,


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