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SNOM M9 Beep sound during transferred call

Hello! SNOM M9, firmware 9.6.2.-a: the phone receives a transferred call from another number, and there is heard only a single beep, not a normal ringing sound. Incoming call alert is shown on the display, but there is no ringing sound. This happens only with transferred calls. If this number is dialled directly, there is a normal ringing sound (incoming call alert.)

The issue is that quite often transferred calls are missed because they have only a single beeping sound as incoming call alert. Direct calls to the same number are heard with regular ringing sound.

Please help.

Best Answer

Ticket for request opened.

Dear Julija,

please check if this issue is already solved with the newest firmware 9.6.13


Dear Norman,

I have updated the phone to your specified version, but still there are no changes. The call has been transferred to SNOM M9, the phone had only a beep, and then silent incoming call signal. While dialling directly, incoming call signal is heard as it normally would.

Please help.




Ticket for request opened.

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