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Paging to headset


we want to use a Snom D715 as a megaphone. We setup the PBX (3CX) paging code to *9 (default) and phone is answering correctly throw the internal speaker.

We connected an external speaker to the RJ9 connector of the phone (used for headset) and we want the phone to set this as the default speaker instead of the phone integrated speaker.

Phone has in advanced settings an option to set Type of Intercom Answer to Headset, but no effect...

Any idea?

Tx in advance.

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Is this an Intercom (Alert-Info header is present in the INVITE e.g. Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-autoanswer;delay=0) or a page?  I just made an Intercom call to a D714, firmware version, with intercom_connect_type=intercom_connect_type_headset, and it worked.

Have you considered using the PA1 for this paging application?

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