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D315 vs. D715: Actual differences


Comparing the Datasheets for the D315 and D715 phones, I can barely recognize actual differences since the pricing is also pretty close.

  • high-res graphical display on the D315 vs. 4 line display on the D715
  • Some mentioning about USB ports on the D315 missing the the D715
  • D715 was launched earlier than D315 and the later clearly looks like a direct successor of the venerable 300.

Both support the current 8.9 branch of firmware and are dual stack capable. I expect replacing the aging 300's mostly because of the integrated Gigabit Switch the Dx15 models have.

HI Mat

Actually there is no essential differences between D315 and D715. 

Both models are comparable.


The high-res display on the D315 is really nice...especially compared to the 300!

Otherwise very similar technically, same number of buttons but obviously quite different form factors. I personally think the D3xx shape feels more solid than the D7xx design.

One observation (and I don't understand why it's like this), is the D7xx range has the tick button to the left of the 4-way control, whereas the D3xx has the tick button on the right. If your users are used to the 300's the D315 will probably be easier to transition to as the buttons will still be the same way round! =)


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