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Unable to switch firmware from to (D715)



That is the situation:


I have configured a SNOM D715 with the latest Firmware (see screenshot below):


Then I integrated it to a vodia server hosted by a vm in VMWare Wokstation.


Since the firmware is returned in version and I can not go back to the firmware (D715).


Of course, I put the phone back in its factory default several times (# for 15 seconds during the reboot) without any result.


I will try to load via USB, then if it does not work, I would try to reload the version before trying to load the firmware (D715).


What can I do more knowing that it is quite urgent.


thank you in advance




Richard FRADIN

Best Answer
Reload by TFTP with sucess !


Reload by TFTP with sucess !


Hello Richard,

I'm glad you managed to upgrade again via TFTP. 

Best regards,

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