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Would Snom phones support Office 365/Skype for business soon?


We have 15 phones SNOM 821. We will migrate to Office 365 and Skype for business online.

Is there an O365 compatible firmware for snom 821?


Is there a configuration mode?

Dear Fabien

Snom UC firmware is tested and supported only with Lync 2010 and 2013. Skype for Business isn't supported by Snom UC firmware.

Sorry about the inconveniences

Do you mean the SNOM UC version ended ?

it is no longer to go head.

even on Lync 2013, it does not work for Office 365

Dear John,

unfortunately yes.

We'll still provide support for UC firmware but, actually, there are no plans to introduce compatibility with Office 365 

Best regards

All our Snom phones are dead since we updated to SHA-2 certificate on Lync 2013

we have latest UC version

opened ticket, it appears SNOM no longer to release maintaining release to leave all SNOM UC users in the dark

Dear John,

thanks for the feedback; you've opened a support ticket and a feature request.

This topic will be closed.

Thanks for your understanding