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6 second delay before placing call - NAPTR and SRV lookups even when disabled.


We have a problem with some D715s running

When a call is dialed, there is a 6 second delay before the handsets place the call. The logs show:

May 23 15:36:10.515 [ERROR ] PHN: No reply for naptr lookup
May 23 15:36:13.669 [ERROR ] PHN: No reply for srv lookup

We were advised to set:


which according to should solve the problem.

Changing the registrar from a FQDN to an IP address does remove the delay, but I really would rather provision a server name rather than address.

Any ideas?



Dear Nicholas,

thanks for contacting us,

If the DNS query takes so long usually is because the firewall is silently dropping the DNS requests (or the DNS server doesn't answer), so the phone waits for the connection timeout.

Isn't clear to me if dns_a_queries_only=on solved your issue or not..

Can you articulate a bit more ?

Hi same problem here

Jun 10 10:13:19.886 [ERROR ] PHN: No reply for naptr lookup
Jun 10 10:13:23.086 [ERROR ] PHN: No reply for srv lookup

 with dns_a_queries_only=on by provisioning

DNS is responding without issue, but dns_a_queries_only=on looks no have effects.

I'm testing it on snom 785 and 765 with latest firmware.

@Nicholas Have you found a solution?



Hi Walter and Nicholas,

the issue with dns_a_queries_only has been fixed (internal ID #SCPP-7711).

If you want we can provide you a beta version to test via a support ticket,

Yes please, very appreciate!


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