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LLDP and provisiong

In a testing network where LLDP is not used to configure VLAN, the phone reach the provisiong server and download configuration.

When on the network we use LLDP, the phone read the option 66 (as we see in the log), but never ask the provisiong server for configuration.

We have D765 / D715 with

(51.3 KB)

Which System Software do u use? Is it an Askozia PBX System or maybe a MobyDick System?


Philip Käser


The PBX is a Wildix, but in this case the problem is not related to the phone system, but how snom contact the provisiong server.

Seems that when the phone receive the LLDP network policy skip the provisiong server at all.

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How do you try to connect to the Provisioning Server?

Do you take the URL with included MAC of the device, or do you only use the http.// URL without the MAC of the Phone/Device?


the other thing is:

How is the Provisioning Server Connected in your Network?

Maybe you got any Switches with active SPT-Protocoll?

The SPT Protocoll gives much problems if you try to connect a phone with a provisioning server.

Maybe you have to check it.

We use tftp protocol for provisiong.

In the network where provisiong not function there is spanning tree enabled, and LLDP

I have made a try, and even with LLDP disabled the phone do the same.

So my guess about LLDP involved is wrong.

but the strange is that the phone never ask the file, no trace in phone log and tftp server log.

have you checked the logfile i have attached ?

Thanks in advance,


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I can see only that, you try to provision the device with the snom provisioning server:
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: last prov successful:1; uri: ><; default uri: >{mac}<
May 3 10:10:22 [INFO ] PHN: Config setup: finished true
May 3 10:10:22 [INFO ] PHN: ProvisioningReplacements: URL >http://%7Bprov_host_path%7D/snomD765/snomD765-firmware.htm<
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: Uri Replace >{prov_host_path}< in >http://%7Bprov_host_path%7D/snomD765/snomD765-firmware.htm<
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: Uri Replaced result: ><
May 3 10:10:22 [INFO ] PHN: ProvisioningReplacements step 1 result: ><
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: Uri Replace >{mac}< in ><
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: Uri Replaced result: ><
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: ReplaceQueryVariables in ><
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG0] PHN: ReplaceQueryVariables replaced: ><
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: Fetching FW URL:
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: Fetching URL:
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG2] WEBCLIENT: Send TCP none
May 3 10:10:22 [DEBUG2] WEBCLIENT: Socket 24 connecting
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: Last provisioning was successful, thus stop here!
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: Go to wizzard if all settings have been read.
May 3 10:10:22 [NOTICE] PHN: SetProvisioningDone
And there the Port 80 is used.

I thought, the provisioning port is the port 56080 and not 80.
It looks like you used the basic config in the provisioning settings.

Did you use a different provisioning server as
or is that your provisioning server?

At least, the Log says the provision was successfully, so the device has take the basic configuration from the snom provisioning server.

Can you attach a screen from the provision settings on the web interface from the device to check them?


i have find out whats is going on.

the (factory default, first boot) phone try to reach the snom provisiong server.
our firewall replace the request with they response (like: you are not allowed to access this site).
the phone parse the response and thinks is a correct one (but without any parameter), and set itself as provisioned.

i have created an internat DNS record for provisiong.snom,con that point to nowhere
Now the phone fail the plug and play provisioning and use our dhcp option 66.

Thanks for you help Philip,
Best Regards,


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I'm not sure if I could really help you, but if it works finally im glad to hear that you found the problem and that you could solve it :)

Greetings an the best wishes,

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