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Changes with Snom handset's Firmware


We are trying to Auto-provision Snom D345 models (have tried this only on these models as of now) and we are on firmware But the buttons are provisioned and the labels can be seen on the screen but THEY DONT WORK. Has the button or BLF settings been changed?

If yes, can you please provide us with the exact changes that have been made for buttons? 

I had assigned the buttons as BLFs, but it doesn't takes it up as that. Please see the attached image.

(36.4 KB)

Hi Sachin

Can you explain a little bit more what do you mean with non working?

You are setting as button. How are you trying to enable it

If you plan to use as BLF you need to set as BLF option


Hi Alberto,

Are you referring to the image i sent or the XML?

Because BEFORE auto-provisioning the phone, i am settings all the buttons to BLFs as you can see in the image attached.

And by non-working i mean, the buttons are visible on the screen of D345, but when i press them to call, it doesn't respond.

(34.6 KB)
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