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SSL Invalid Problem


Please see my client's query below.

Any idea on the "SSL invalid" Asterisk Statement when trying to call from the Snom D710 causing it to deregister from Asterisk?


When calling to the D710, the phone rings, and one can answer and talk and be heard. Including from outside (cell phone).


This is regardless of device ID or User extension programmed in to it.


The Snom300s, and grandstreams have not got certs installed either and all work fine.


The XML settings between the 300s and the 710s is virtually the same just a little muddled around and firmware differ by single digits. I.e 300 ends with .15 and 710 with .28


I'm stumped at the moment and would appreciate the help.

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Hi Conrad

Which firmware are you running on D710?

I understand from your statemens that you are you using TLS 


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