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Snom D7 displays [idle]

 We deploy many Snom D7. On comment we get is what is the meaning of the [idle] at the end of each line on the D7 display. This seems to happen when a button is configured as a speed dial or a queue. It does not appear when the button is a BLF.


 After a lot of searching I found this.It looks like you need a line for each button on the D7.

<d7_line_when_no_label idx="0" perm="RW">$name</d7_line_when_no_label>
<d7_line_when_no_label idx="1" perm="RW">$name</d7_line_when_no_label>

Is there any way to configure this without a line for each button? I just want it off on all 3 ofthe D7.

Is there any reason why the default for this feature should not be set to off? I see no reason for having this turned under most circumstances. It really just causes confusion for the end user.


Opened support ticket.

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