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UC Firmware for SNOM 821 & SNOM 760


What is the current UC Firmware for the SNOM 821 and SNOM 760, and where can I access this?

Can I use the same firmware for these two models, or do I neew two different versions?


Best Answer


IMPORTANT NOTE: Snom UC firmware is tested and supported only with Lync 2010 and 2013. Skype for Business isn't supported by Snom UC firmware.

Here you can find the required download links:


snom 760 - Update September 2015

File Name:

Size: 27480876 bytes

MD5: ea4b7873ea6a9895ca7befa7e6e8250a

Download URL:

File Name: snom760-UC-

Size: 27461136 bytes

MD5: 9b4610d18214d6209f07d2b9c98375c3

Download URL:


WARNING: the following firmware has never been qualified with Microsoft and should not considered as supported.

snom 821:

File Name:

Size: 24365130 bytes

SHA256: d92cb21a455f43262bac3658530b8ce3e8d03a6926db1ce82e267854f90fd09d

Download URL:

File Name: snom821-UC-

Size: 24346944 bytes

SHA256: fd28d9c351f8fe69e8e169d560f290bf6636ab65c4de04e858883d1e57db171a

Download URL:


Unfortunately , SNOM stopped developing UC version and exited Microsoft software third party program.

it will never support SHA2 certificate per SNOM support

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