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XML Dial Plan Issues


I have the following line within my snom XML dial plan file: 

<template match="##..." timeout="0" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite="" />

I need users to be able to dial numbers such as ##200, ##201 etc without delay. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to work at all. How does one add calls or short code dialling starting with a # to the XML dial plan?

I do have the following at the end of my XML dial plan: 

<template match="*" timeout="10" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite="" />

Which works once I remove the line containing the ##... but with a 10 second delay. I can add the use of calls and short codes beginning with * by using \* but why can't I do the same with the # key?

I'm using a Snom D765 running snomD765-SIP

Ok so the use of # in a dial plan always results in making the phone dial a number when the pound key is pressed. I also had:

<template match="\*0#[2-8].." timeout="0" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite="" />

When dialling *0#, the call is placed without allowing the user to finish entering the remaining three digits.

Why doesn't Snom make use of something like \# which could be used to allow users to add numbers and short codes beginning with # or using a # within them to the dial plan? Similar to the existing * and \* implementation.

Dear Paul

We use regex expressions

Maybe you already saw

As an idea this regex expression maybe could fit in your requirements


I recommend to test expression with for example


Unfortunately regex doesn't allow the use of a timeout.

It's also unfortunate that Snom only allow the use of either XML dial plans or regex expressions, you cannot simply add ^\*0#+[2-8].. to the dial plan parameter within the identity sip tab because doing so results in anything else within the XML dial plan not working.


I posted this previously:


It's a shame, Snom need to add the ability to add a timeout to the regex expressions, fix the XML dial plan rewrite rule and allow the use of # dialling.

Thanks Paul

I will open a develop internal request  and let you know back

Several years on and still no fix?

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