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Snom d715 no new firmware

Hi I notice there has been no new firmware since December 2015 for my Snom D715 handsets, there was a small maintenance preview, but that wasn't completed with release notes? What is going on? Is support ceased? The phone was just released when I bought it.. how come no new developments and more importantly security patches have not been addressed via firmware updates?

Dear Ramsey

For sure we have a  public firmware release to come in next weeks. 

If you need any beta firmware just let me know which models and we will send you via email



If you can send me latest beta for d715 please.. we can test it before your public release.

 I would like that as well please, I have had number of issues with .35 release. thanks! D715

 Any chance of getting the release notes or change log or both?

Alberto Sagredo Castro - still waiting for the beta or new release?

please respond, as you never sent anything to me? we have d715 phones.. no new firmware for over 1.5 years!

Shocking that there hasn't been a firmware release since 2015.

Give this a try:

Sorry for my late response. We are still in RC but we hope to soon release final version


Via the News: 

We are glad to announce the new firmware release.


This release is suitable for the current Snom Desktop phones portfolio.


Here: you can find the binary and upgrade instructions.


Please read carefully the release notes before deploying the firmware.

Best regards

Will there be also a new firmware for the UC edition?
Where can I download the latest UC edition firmware for the D715?
Thanks in advance.


Dear Dennis,

we don't have any plan to release a new UC firmware at the moment.

The latest version is the

Thanks and best regards,

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