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Disconnect on hold D710 V8.7.5.28 new info

 I have posted in that topic (, but there is no response there, so I post new one.

I have tried  "disabling timer_support on the phone" and D710 no more adds Session-Expires: in SIP messages. But the problem is still present.
Furthermore with the settings: Timer Support (RFC4028):on  when D710 send <INVITE> with Session-Expires: 3600 and Telesis response with 180 Ringing and 200 OK both without Session-Expires:  the call is established normally.
So I attached trace from the phone itself without  Session-Expires: Please answer in original topic and delete this one.

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Please to avoid duplicate topics. We will continue in the other one. I have send you latest firmware in order to test with this.


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