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Auto Call - Intercom Feature


we have several SNOM 7xx series Desktop phones,

Inside a laboratory we want to have someting like autocall on voice recognition. After the call has established the intercom function should be used.

Is there a chance to get a feature running that i would specify as:

"Hands free autocall intercom"

HI Roland

I do not understand so well what you are describing.

Please detail us a littlle bit more

Anyway about Intercom you need to add an special header as described below



The feature we need, I described it as " autocall on voice recognition" you also can call "BabyPhone"

If somebody is in the laboratory room, he can press a button to activate/deactivate some kind of voice detection.

If a specific noise level is reached, the phone call automatically to a specific number and activate intercom features.

Is there a possibility to get someting like this working?



Dear Roland,

this sounds like a neat feature. Unfortunately it is not implemented. 

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