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3x D3 Power Puzzle

D345 and 3x D3:

If power is plugged into the second D3 as documented, the first and the second D3 state that no compatible telephone is found whereas the D345 recognizes all D3.

If no power is plugged in any D3 the first and the second D3 do work.

If power is contrary to the documentation plugged into the third D3 all D3 work as expected.

Best Answer

Currently it looks as the problem is solved with the new firmware. Thanks!


I made some tests and it seems to work in both cases (power on the second or on the third)!

Which version is installed on your snomD345?

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The fun part is that no matter what the D3s state in their display the D345 recognizes all D3 (all extensions modules shown in the function key web page).

There's another delivery of 3 D3s on their way, will probably arrive early next week. They will be attached to another D345. I'm very interested to see if this set then behaves similarly.


the next D345+3xD3 did behave the same. Then, all of sudden, both D345+3xD3 systems stopped working on the third D3 and then plugging power into the second D3 worked.

An information I didn't have until today is that for the power supplies recycled Snom 3x0 power supplies are used (there's about 50 around that never got used but only stored). According to their labeling the perfectly fit the requirements (5V/2A, Snom A6 is stated as being 5V/10W which is identical). Is it possible that this may be the culprit?

I have sent you  latest firmware . Could you make a try? 

We made some improvements to D3 handling.




Currently it looks as the problem is solved with the new firmware. Thanks!

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