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720, D345 and D745 common IPv6 bugs

Model     Firmware

720         snom720-SIP

D345      snomD345-SIP

D745      snomD745-SIP

1. DHCPv6 doesn't respect VLAN settings


<dhcp_v6 perm="">autoconf</dhcp_v6>

<vlan_id perm="">2</vlan_id>
<vlan_qos perm="">5</vlan_qos>

respects the VLAN settings.

<dhcp_v6 perm="">on</dhcp_v6>

<vlan_id perm="">2</vlan_id>
<vlan_qos perm="">5</vlan_qos>

ignores the VLAN settings and tries to acquire an address via DHCPv6 without VLAN tagging, i.e. on the untagged default VLAN. SLAAC in this case never happens, depending wether there is a DHCP server or not on the untagged default VLAN you will either get a IPv6 address from a wrong network or no IPv6 address at all.

2. Provisioning and Firmware Update


Fetching URLs from a dual stacked host for provisioning and firmware update miserably fails, one has to actually use the direct IPv4 address.

Here is an example for the Snom 720, the other phones bahave identical.

Server: (privacy renamed domain)


IPv6: fda8:de2d:e95f:4811::1

Feb 2 21:19:23 [NOTICE] PHN: Fetching URL:

Feb 2 21:19:23 [DEBUG2] WEBCLIENT: Send TCP none

Feb 2 21:19:23 [ERROR ] PHN: TPL: Socket Error: 19/35/none, connect -> Address family not supported by protocol (97)

Feb 2 21:19:23 [DEBUG2] WEBCLIENT: Socket 19 disconnected

Feb 2 21:19:23 [DEBUG2] WEBCLIENT: socket:19 conn_id:2 disconnected tcp:[fda8:de2d:e95f:4811::1]:80

This even causes periodic firmware update checks to never happen if the first check fails with the above error.

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I wil convert this into ticket


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I wil convert this into ticket


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