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Asterisk nonce length less than 128 bits



I'm using snom phones 300 and 320 with firmare or and asterisk 13.12.1. (freepbx

During each subscribe, the phone complains about the nonce length used by asterisk:

process_registrar_packet: 401 needs 128 bit nonce

Is it possible to force that nonce length ?


Best Answer

This looks like normal phone behavior. Is there a problem? Is the phone not working?

Catalina may pass on your concerns to her Product Management team but they will not fix this on their EOL devices. You're correct though, this should have been fixed well before those devices went EOL!

"SAP-2688 has been solved in our latest release"

   So please have a look at that part withe the ":" 

   Problem of fix and do it also for 320 and the SNOM MeetingPoint MP (wo is NOT EOL!!!)

"From my understanding of rfc7616, the nonce can be any string (rfc7616: "It is advised that this string be Base64 or hexadecimal data.")"

   There is no word of "without :" so maybe your understanding is a little stange? ;-)

"should have been fixed well before those devices went EOL!"

   So hurry up please! :-D

Thank you in advance!

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