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Snom 710 Unanswered BYE/Hangup

Hi Guys,


Got a strange issue with a 710 running Firmware, connected to DIDWW.


When I hang up an outbound call, the dialled phone continues to ring until answered. I tested with X-lite and it works perfectly also the D715’s don’t seem to have the issue.

The provider says the BYE is not being sent until the call connects/times out.

My question….

Is this a bug or is there a setting I can change?

Things Already Tried...

Set ip_frag_enable = on (No Change)

Set ICE to Off (No Change)

Disable RTP Encryption (No Change)


Any ideas appreciated…Thanks In advance!

Dear Paul,

do you use stun? can you check it?


As far as I'm aware DIDWW dont use STUN, however its already allowed through our firewall. (and that would affect the soft client too right?)



We opened a ticket for that issue.

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Turns out there was UDP loss, adding the line;transport=tcp into the Outbound proxy field resolved my issue.

Many Thanks Norman!

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