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Duplicate Entries in Call Log D375

Trying to set up a new D375 phone in place of a 370 model on a site.

On this D375 phone (firmware we find that have many phone calls entered in the call-log (received calls) twice.

It seems that both call legs are entered in the call-log. What we found is that seemingly the double entries are calls where the user has transferred the call. In that case it records a call with its own number, and a call from the actual originator of the call, both with the same duration.

Calls which are not transferred do not

In this setup, this phone is used in the reception desk, so transfers are frequent. The user wishes to have the duplicate entries removed, since not all calls are duplicate and it is very hard to trace individual calls with all this extra information.

This does not occur on a snom 370, not on a snom 320 plugged into the same number.

The PBX in use is a "sipxecs" / sipxcom UC solution.

Firmware is up-to-date, so we cannot further upgrade. Is this a bug or is there any setting we can tweak this with?

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Hi Peter. Could you explain procedure to get this issue appear?

I will send you latest firmware version in order to confirm if also exists in it


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