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No name for number of contact in internal directory


we are supporting a client with five snom phones (1x 725; 3x 710; 1x D765) in action. As backend there is an 3CX PBX running. All phones are updated to the latest firmware ( and all users are using the internal directory for their clinets numbers. We are facing the issue that the number is showing up but not the name for that specific contact.

We have also changed the setting "Prioritise Asserted" to off, but with no success.

Has anyone another hint for this sort of problems? Can it be a bug in the latest firmware?

Thank you in advance

Hi Sebastian

Do you have the phones provisioned? Which 3CX version are you using?

Could you check in settings inside the phone about this option?

<display_method perm="">display_name</display_method> 

Best Regards


thank you for your reply. The phones have been provisioned after the firmware update was installed. The current version of the 3CX is 15.0.59950.0.

The setting "display_mode" ist actually set to "display_name". I've tried any other setting, they were saved correctly, but with no success. There is no change in the described behavior of the phone.

Best regards
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