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Last UC Firmware

Where Can I download the last UC firmware for SNOM 821?

Links will be provided vía email to you

Same here.

Please provide download link for UC firmware.


Previously, I have a login from to download UC firmware,

John Sun : Already sent

Let me know your comments

Thanks Alberto ;

Could i get the link for  Snom 870's UC version ?

I understand it might be no longer supported from SNOM.


Im sorry John but firmware for  this model isn`t available anymore.



it might be archiving somewhere ?

Im sorry John but no available



Could you please provide me link to the UC Firmware, too?

I have snom D375 and 870. Thanks in advance.



Sent Stefan!


Thanks, Alberto.

Unfortunately there is neither a firmware for 870 nor for D375 in your mail. All other firmwares are from 2015 or older.

Does that mean there is no progress in development for Office 365 / Skype for Business Online?

Dear Stefan,

at this moment we don't have the compatibility for Office 365 in our roadmap.

D375 doesn't have UC firmware, same for 870 version

Best regards