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Cable pinout for expansion module V2.0

 For a customers expansion module V2.0 I am looking for the missing cable to connect the expansion module to a Snom 320.

What is the pinout of the 6-pin phone to expansion connection cable?

Otherwise what is the part number to order a replacement cable?

Sorry about my delay answering you

PN is 0896. You could find it thru your retailler



Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your reply. PN 0896 refers to a handset (coiled) cable.

This is not what I do need.

I am looking for a cable to connect an "Expansion Module v2.0" (Tastenerweiterung/Erweiterungsmodul/Tastaturerweiterungsmodul/Exp. Mod.)


An RJ45 connector doesn't fit (too wide).

Can you help me with that 6-pin cable? Or is it a straight RJ12 (6P6C) cable?

Im really sorry C. Jacobs i confused it

There is no PN for this item

As you mentioned its just a RJ12(6P6C) usual cable.

How many units do you need?


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