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Cable pinout for expansion module V2.0

 For a customers expansion module V2.0 I am looking for the missing cable to connect the expansion module to a Snom 320.

What is the pinout of the 6-pin phone to expansion connection cable?

Otherwise what is the part number to order a replacement cable?

Im really sorry C. Jacobs i confused it

There is no PN for this item

As you mentioned its just a RJ12(6P6C) usual cable.

How many units do you need?


Sorry about my delay answering you

PN is 0896. You could find it thru your retailler



Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your reply. PN 0896 refers to a handset (coiled) cable.

This is not what I do need.

I am looking for a cable to connect an "Expansion Module v2.0" (Tastenerweiterung/Erweiterungsmodul/Tastaturerweiterungsmodul/Exp. Mod.)


An RJ45 connector doesn't fit (too wide).

Can you help me with that 6-pin cable? Or is it a straight RJ12 (6P6C) cable?

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