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Snom D315 Desktop Phone kill network, is unresponsive


we installed shortly about 70 Snom D315 Desktop Phones.

We have massive networking issues with the phones where a PC is connected in the PC-port of the phones.

Shutdown the computer or disconnecting the ethernet cable from the PC port leads to an unresponsive D315 phone.
No ping possible, no access to the webinterface of the phone, loss of registration to pbx.
Reassemble the ethernet cable to the PC port or power on the computer and the networking functionality is restored.

On HP Switches no change in port-state could be recognized while the error occurs.
After hours of waiting the phones will become accessable again but no hints in the phone or switch log.

It's a switched network infrastructure. In use are HP Switches from the series 1800, 1810, 1910 and 1920. But we can see this issues on every switch.

Thanks in advance.



Best Answer

OK. Let me send you by mail latest beta firmware and let me know your comments.

Dear Christian

Which firmware are you running in these phones?



Dear Alberto,

I'm using the latest version (on the Snom website).

But we started with version

With both firmwares we got the same behavior.



OK. Let me send you by mail latest beta firmware and let me know your comments.

Dear Christian, 

could you please tell us more about the network ?

Are you using 802.1x ? or VLANs ?


Dear Pietro,

the provided beta firmware ( by Alberto make it work again.

The phones now work flawless.



Great, thanks for the feedback!

 Hello Pietro,

I know it's been an long time ago but the problem still exists...

We got some new D315 Phones with firmware Should be the latest available.

The symptoms are there again.

After shutting down a device connected to PC port on Snom phone makes phone's network unreachable for some hours.

So the issus still persists in the latest official firmware!?

Kind regards,


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