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D375 is not provisioning with placetel pbx

i got a D375 which should be used with a Placetel pbx. I created the Phone in Placetel and startesd the Phone. It got an configuraton but the BLF Field was not ok. There were only 3 LED in Red. After talking to the placetel support the said i should use the recommended Firmware which is After updating the phone did not load a configuartion from placetel. Here some lines from the log, full log is attached:
 Nov 15 17:13:49 [INFO ] PHN: Config setup: code: 500, uri:
Nov 15 17:13:49 [NOTICE] PHN: SetProvisioningDone
Nov 15 17:13:49 [NOTICE] PHN: Config setup: return code 500; giving up on ><
Nov 15 17:13:49 [NOTICE] PHN: SetProvisioningDone

What does "return code 500" mean. Is is a http code?
By the way, the support said i schould crate a portforwarding for the SIP Ports?? Does the SIP Protokoll has anything to do with autoprovisioning?
As i now the phone gets his configfile by a http request.


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this forum entry is converted to a ticket. We will handle the issue there.


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