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VPN not starting on Vodafone branded snom 370

We bought a batch of vodafone branded snom 370s, which we rebuilt into chasis of snom 360s so the key assignments match. Everything works fine, except some of them fail to start OpenVPN. The ones that work offer a reboot after entering the tarball URL and then successfully connect to the server. The ones that don't work with VPN, don't suggest a reboot and the tarball link simply stays in the text field. I flashed them multiple times via TFTP but it hasn't made any difference. I can't see any locked down settings in the Settings page either. Any ideas much appreciated! 

Hi Sputnik which firmware are you running on your phones?

Let me know



Hi Alberto, I'm using latest 8 7 5 35 vpn version. I think I figured it out though, it's to do with locked down provisioning. I managed to get the phones to pick up the VPN tarball if I delete and save blank provisioning URL and then immediately reboot the phone. It reinstates the URL, but I suppose VPN kicks in before that and then stays connected just fine. 

Thanks Sputnik

Have you seen into logs if appears something strange?

Please Put 9 DEBUG 2 log level.

If you agree i will convert this topic into ticket and we can follow up from there


Well I got it working so no need for a ticket. I think it's just dodgy provisioning was pushing it's own settings and overriding whatever I put in! 

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