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Snom 350 -

Hey everyone,

I have some trouble with the firmware in link between the Snom 350 series. All of the models I got have the typical LED´s which you know to represent the call status of a colleague.

With the version 8.4... this LED´s works normal. Like they glow if the specific person is in a call or on the status DND. But know, with the new version this feature is not longer represent. What I see is just a flashing LED during a call connection but as soon the connection is build up the LED is off.

I tried a factory reset after the firmware installation, I also compared the XML files from the 8.4.. firmware with the firmware. I cant find an error. I read something about a similar bug with the Snom 370 series in link between the new firmware but nothing with the Snom 350 serie.

Maybe you can help me.



Hello Kristian,

what device are you using ? (Snom 350 isn't doesn't exist)..


Ahhhh my bad. Sorry I mean Snom 320. Thanks


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