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Call transfer with sipgate


We use Snom 370 with Sipgate Team (firmware snom370-SIP On the function-keys we use extension-Mode (for example:;user=phone) to call other internal users. BLF, pickup and calling other users are working fine (pickup only works if the f_key is in “extension” mode and not in BLF mode!). The big problem is transfer a call to other users with the same f_key:

For this, Sipgate needs as DTMF: *3xx# (in this example *327#)

If I do it manually via the dial-plate it works, but not if I do it via the f_key: *3[pressing fkey]#.

Sipgate told me, pressing the f_key in this situation creates another line. They also said the only way is, use another f_key with the user numbers in DTMF-mode.

Has someone an idea how this can be done with only one f_key? I need the whole functionality of the extension-mode (also BLF) plus transfer (for example: “*3” on hold-Key, user-dial-up by DTMF on the f_key, “#” on the transfer-key). I also tried it with a xml-definition on the f_key. But I didn't get it to work. As base I used the example from

But I don’t know how to dial DTMF characters in this context.

I tried also this solution:

But it does not work.

Thank you!

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I found the solution:



Hello Jan,

unfortunately is not possible: when you press the extension key the phone creates a new INVITE.

Are you sure Sipgate doesn't support transfer via the REFER method ?

What about pressing the transfer button and the the extension key ?

Hello Pietro,
thank you for your reply! Unfortunately sipgate doesn't support REFER. I got a transfer fail, if I try it with transfer button.
My hope was to manage it with a xml-description or with Action-URLs: default behavior must be like extension-mode. And if the phone is in call and the line of a f_key is idle, then pressing this f_key must send DTMF characters.


yep, using an XML def you should be able to send a DTMF sequence, but you will not able to ask the user for the sequence..

however I could use an individual sequence for every f_key: first f_key DTMF 11, second f_key DTMF 12 and so on (the characters "*3" I could manually dial) . But I don't know the xml schema in this context. I didn't found the information on snom wiki and elsewhere. How could it be look like, if I use the xml description of the above example from the snom wiki? How should the xml-node (under <action> ?) look like to dial DTMF with the conditions that the phone is in call and the line of the f_fkey is idle?


I found the solution:



Hi! I also tried to give Snom D375 phones fkeys with dual personality. First with extension mode and on the other side "in_a_call" dtmf mode to transfer call.

There was two XML definitions (in a post from D4Snom) . One global and one for the fkey. Where should I put the global defintion - in phonesettings?

Perhaps somebody can post a complete working config for Sipgate Team.

Best regards

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