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Cannot Log Into Webserver Interface on Snom 300

Hi Support,

Since recently upgrading to firmware I can no longer seem to login to the webserver interface. I seem to be prompted again and again with no luck.

I have tried following the articles to factory reset my Snom 300 phone however, this does not see to work:-

Can you provide some assistance on this matter?

Best Answer

Ah ha, I've managed to find the issue here:

You require to enter the last 6 digits of the MAC address as the password and 'admin' as the username.

So now I've managed to log in, I've noticed some of the options on the phone are greyed out, such as being able to change the update policy to "Never Update, Do Not Load Settings" or change the HTTP server username and password.

As this phone was purchased on eBay second hand some years ago, I'm assuming this will need to be removed from the Snom Provisioning server.

Can anyone from Snom help here?..

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