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LDAP jpegPhoto support

After many years we're still missing jpegPhoto/thumbnailPhoto support on LDAP so much. It's really disappointing because you see a caller picture appear on the box, on the website and in all advertising and then you find out it's not supported even though we already have one of the better phones SNOM offers (D765). Using a local phonebook is just not a decent option for us. I've filed a ticket a long while ago to no avail. On the web you can find people wishing this feature already in 2009:

Would be understandable if the phone wouldn have the physical capability to do it. But it already supports LDAP, it supports pictures, it has a color screen. What's stopping SNOM to implement this? Should only be a few lines of code... So - still keeping my fingers crossed that with a future firmware upgrade this would finally become a reality.

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Hi Ranjan

It should work for searching (thru LDAP) and call listing.

The attribute name should be "jpegPhoto"

Could you check if its working for you?

Which firmware are you using?



Thanks, Alberto. Yes, it appears as a tiny picture in the listing. Perhaps I expressed myself badly. I meant: When someone is calling, we don't see a picture of the caller. This is where the photo would matter the most, since you can identify a caller much easier by taking a quick look. And it's a pity that all the nice photos we're storing on our LDAP server are never shown. It would already be sufficient if we could change the picture after the fact (i.e. when the caller is already connected/speaking) like we can with the phone number:

We're already using the above method with scripts that run on Action URLs to add additional info during a call and its working great. I know that I can set a photo during SIP INVITE (i.e. before its ringing), but as we use an external provider there's no easy way to modify this.

We're currently on firmware snomD765-SIP for all of our phones.



Thanks for your clarification

I will look internally and if needed convert your forum post to ticket.

We already had a request about this, let me check with developers its state.



Hello Ranjan,
you are welcome! I like to suggest you, test run our Service Pack 1: and refer to
The first listed feature:SAP-457ADD:New LDAP picture support on incoming / outgoing calls: Implementation of binary object parameter (as 'jpegPhoto') to display pictures along with LDAP directory entries

to see if your request is now fully supported, or not.

Your feedback is very welcome!

Thanks and greetings from Berlin,
Jan Boguslawski

Jan Boguslawski
Product Owner Snom
Hi Jan,

would it be possible to use the "thumbnailPhoto" attribute instead or by choice? I found no way to use "jpegPhoto" in Active Directory contacts, this attribute is just unavailable for contacts as I learned. With AD users all is fine, but it would be nice to use company logos etc. for incomming calls.

Thank you!

  Hans-Jörg Wiedemann

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