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snom D315 Headset Inquiry


On snom D315 is it possible to select between USB or RJ11 headset and adjust the microphone volume? I heard that RJ11 connection headset is useless with this model because you cant adjust microphone volume, its automatically on the lowest setting? So you have to also buy USB headset to use this one? Thank you.

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The headset mic sensitivity/volume for the wired RJ9/RJ10 headset is not adjustable on the D315. I have tested this with two different types of RJ9/RJ10  headsets and had no problems with the called or calling party on the far end hearing me.

 Who is unable to hear the audio from the headset mic in your situation?

1. A calls B

2. B cannot hear A?

3. A cannot hear the side-tone of their own voice while speaking to B?

4. Does this happen to internal calls, external calls or both?

The side-tone is barely audible, but that is probably a result of echo cancellation or an attempt to prevent echo.

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