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Snom 821 and Snom Vision

Hi there!

We use Snom 821 phones and wanted to "upgrade" all our desktops with Snom Vision. And here the problem starts:

At first I upgraded the firmware of the vision to 1.3.8 and the phone to like the wiki article ( and installed it how discribed in the manual (

BUT! There is no compatibility between this two firmware versions of the vision and the 821, cause no paring is possible. The vision shows me the Pairing token and in the phones display I can find the vision, but the connection to the vision is lost from the beginning. (see in attachments!)

Thereon I started my own project finding a combination of firmware versions for both devices, to connect them, but I failed...

Does a correct combination of fimware generally exist?

Please help me!

Best regards


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Can you do a factory reset of the 821, set the Syslog to level 9 on the 821 and try to re-pair the Vision with the 821. If the problem still occurs please provide the Syslog from the phone.

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