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M700 Restart Deregisterd almost all M65 Phones

 I am running two M700 systems, both in multicell mode and each with a master and a single slave.  One runs the firmware version 324B12 and the other 355B19.  Both exhibit the same bug/problem which is:

When both of the M700 in the multi-cell are rebooted, the M65 handsets never reconnect. Instead it just has the phrase "searching" on the screen.  I left one handset for 2 hours like this.  It never reconnects to the base station.

In order to get the handsets working again, I need to do exactly these steps:

1. Power cycle the phone

2. Register again to the base station overwriting the existing registration.  Note: I don't remove the existing registration first because this sometimes prevented the success of registering again.

Is there a setting which might be influencing this or could this be the result of some sort of misconfiguration?

many thanks!

Best Answer

HI Aaron. I will convert this topic to ticket and we can follow up there.

Have a nice day

Dear Aaron.

Are you mixing firmware versions?

All the M700 dect bases must have same firmware version

you could experience issues like described if you have different antennas with different firmwares. Also handsets is recommended to have same firmware version as antennas.

Best Regards

So I made sure that the handsets with version 324 connect to the base station with version 324 and the same with firmware version 355.  The only reason I am running 2 different versions in parallel is because I am trialling version firmware 355 to see if it fixes another problem I have with the M700.  Once I see that it is resolved, I will upgrade all base stations to version 355.

That said, I do notice a strange behaviour with regards to pin codes on the hand set.  To register to the 355 base station, I use pass code 1234.  But this won't work for deregistering.  Instead, I have to use pass code 4321 which is the pass code I set for the other base stations running version 324.  It is like somehow the hand set is confused about which base station it is really connected to.  Is this possible?

I made sure that both multi-cell systems each have a different Multi-cell ID ( Mehrzellen ID ).  I thought this should avoid such problems.

But maybe I have a configuration mistake elsewhere?

Hi Aaron. 

Did you create two profiles in handsets? Have you tried if just with one profile to correct DECT cluster is it working fine?

If you agree i will convert it as a ticket and we can follow it up via support. 

Best regards

I connect the handset to only one DECT cluster or the other.  Not both.  I am not sure what you mean by "profile" but maybe this is the screen you are referring to:


I am more than happy to follow this up via support.

Thanks for your help thus far.

Dear Aaron,

are the bases provisioned ? Please make sure you don't have the FFFFFF handsets IPEI into the provisioned settings.

The base stations are provisioned by pascom and all of the registered handsets appear on the base station with their IPEI.  There aren't any FFFFFF entries.  thx



HI Aaron. I will convert this topic to ticket and we can follow up there.

Have a nice day

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