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issues with distribution groups displaying contacts

I have started playing around with FW and ran into a strange display issue with AD distribution groups.  Phone previously had and did not have this issue.  Phone has been reset just to make sure it wasn't due to some carryover with settings. Also have tried on multiple phones with same result.  Using SFB 2015

If I browse to a distribution group on the phone I see the group but not a list of who is in it.  The contacts are there just not displaying the names.  You can see the slider on the right shows there is content.

I can move down and select info on each one and see the contacts info

When I back out of the contact info screen the distribution group then has the contacts displayed.



Best Answer

Ok. KIm. Im going to open a ticket and we can follow up this

Has anyone else run into this issue with the firmware and Skype for Business?



Hi Jim

Let me ask it internally and get to you back soon.


Hello Alberto,

Thanks for checking on this.  Once I go to from this happens all updated phones.  I have reset some phones back to and all group contacts are properly displayed.


Ok Jim. So has no issue but .32 yes?

Thanks for your cooperation

Yes it is only a .32 issue. I have around 50+ on with no issues. When i update a phone to .32 the above problem happens.  We were on Lync 2013 and are now SfB 2015 and problem was present on both versions also.

As I mentioned above i have tried a reset on the phone to see if it was an issue caused by a config issue but no change.



Ok. KIm. Im going to open a ticket and we can follow up this

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