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Upgrading snom 320

We have a customer that purchased some old snom 320s they have really really old firmware on them and upgrading instantly to the latest version won't work, however i can't find anywhere that shows the stages of upgrades i need to do. 
this is the info from system info. it needs to end up as 8.4.35 

Kernel Version:
snom320 linux 3.25
Application-Version: snom320-SIP 6.5.8
Rootfs-Version: snom320 jffs2 v3.36

Best Answer

Dear Doug,

could you try with manual Update?


Dear Doug,

you can read the following guide:

I suggest you to use the automatic update.

When it's done you can switch from V7 to V8 via standard way

Best regards

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many thanks that's exactly what i was looking for 

so the first phone went no problem however the second phone wasn't so lucky 

when i tried to upgrade linux the first time it continued to show as version 3.25 so i tried again and now it says "undef" i tried again but it hasn't changed the firmware version on the phone is showing as 6.5.7(i think had copied it but it got lost from the clipboard when i disconnected) when i try to upgrade to 6.5.20 it says that it's the wrong version and aborts, also tried the upgrade to 7.3.30 but this also aborts.

the phone still works and has the config but has been having issues with password coming up on the screen intermittently which has meant they can't tell which identity is calling in.

how can i get this one up to 8.4.35? i have searched for "linux undef" and got no results on google but don't believe i could be the first to have seen this issue. so as it stands the phone won't let me do any upgrades and seems to be stuck on a random version, it is a problem as am getting an error which the other phone also had and has resolved by upgrading.

any help greatly appreciated.


Dear Doug,

could you try with manual Update?


hi luca these were all manual updates the phones are both stand alone.

What about the automatic update:
Have you tried it?



I just tried that the phone has not responded for half an hour and the screen is blank.

as the only thing the note says is not to unplug it while upgrade happening i have asked it to be left overnight and if it is still the same in morning to power cycle in the hope that it will come back up, but it is looking worrieingly bricked at the moment

Dear Doug,

in this case if the phone is still under warranty I suggest you to do an RMA along with the distributor or the reseller.

Thanks and best regards

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