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3CX Snom D725 group member BLF continue to blink after call accepted


We have a deployment with 25 Snom provisionned by 3cx 14 SP3 with Standard templates and BLFs configured.

If a call Comes in to a Group, is casceding to another Group because no anwser, then accepted by member of 2nd Group, BLFs of other called Group members are continuing to blink on a random base on the different phones. Attached logs of 3cx Show that notify requested terminated is sent for all Group members not accepting the call, and the attached sip trace a Snom in Group is showing the request terminated notice is well recieved, but non the less BLFs are continuing to blink indicating early state. Please help!


Urs Hiltebrand


Hello Urs,

could you please test if the latest firmware ?


Hello Pietro


We installed - April 2016 maintentance on several phones a while ago.


The wrong behavior did not change.


3CX asked us to come back to the official version. Therefore we went back to


Problem seems to be a timing issue.


If we have cascading groups (first group is part of the second larger ring group),  when firstgroup does no answer, all members to notified that call is no longer in early state, then immediately after early state announcement is sent. If these messages are to close together snom may mix them up of forget some of them.


We now switch a empty group with a delay of 1 sec between group1 and group2, which kind of solves the problem, but is really ugly.


Thanks for discussing this with 3CX. It might be also necessary to sent the messages in a more intelligent way (e.g. only announce the difference of group1 and group2 in case of cascading groups, to reduce the amount of redundant messages.) But that would be up to 3CX.  Anyhow we would appreciate using 3CX and SNOM as a working combination.


Thanks + regards



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