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No audio (SRTP) with snom 715 and yate pbx

i'm trying to configure yate and with a snom 715. When enabling SRTP encryption the yate pbx complains about the snom sending invalid SRTP packets:

SRTP HMAC recv: e4dfae70 calc: 0a1071eb seq: 66331

an idea what could the cause be of this?

Incoming SRTP from the SIP trunk works fine, so i would assume yate and the snom doesn't understand each other.

An idea how to solve this?

maybe see for more details.

Hello Abma,

which firmware version are you using ?

Could you please describe better the issue ? Do you see some errors on the phone ? Does the call gets established ?


Firmware is snom715-SIP

for log files see the attachments. there are no errors on the phone, the call gets established!

Basicly i configured the pbx to record all incoming audio, but the pbx finds errors in the SRTP stream and because of that it doesn't record anything / it drops all (invalid) SRTP packets.

not sure if this helps, the error message in yate is thrown here:

(4.3 KB)
(485 Bytes)
Is there more info needed?


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