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370: Smaller font size: 6 identities instead of 4 per home screen

Since the 8.7.x firmware branch (at least there are only 4 identities shown in the Snom 370 home screen. I wish to see 6 identies in the Snom 370 home screen. A smaller font size will do. Current workaround: reverting back to Snom firmware version 8.4.35. BTW, I am not the only one wishing for a smaller home screen font size:

Hi @all, an update regarding the request and status of ref-ID: SCPP-1471:

The apparent "font-size" change you seem to observe by upgrading to FW 8.7.4.x or 8.7.5.x, esp. on Snom 360 & 370 is not just a bigger font.

In fact its a consequence of a major architecture change, that introduced the so called joined call screen. The joined call screen was intended to unify the UI across all Snom phone models. Before each model had its specific UI. On 360 & 370 it led, beside other effect to an apparent bigger "font-size" and less identities to be shown in idle screen.

Please note:

I) on both FW branches and especially the mentioned models, the joined call screen incl. its UI design changing effects will be kept. This major change is a longstanding legacy that will not be changed!
II) to get back the 8.7.3.x (and before) UI please downgrade to 8.7.3.x or older FW with the help of our FW archive:
III) an option to upload a font exists as documented in our Wiki: but with described limitation regarding model and scope.

The internal reference ID: SCPP-1471 is completed with III) and there are no plans to any extensions.

Snom 370 FW support, maintenance mode only, will continue on 8.7.5.x but not higher, as for all 3xx models (except 360, due to EoL) the 8xx models (except 820, due to EoL) and Snom MeetingPoint and PA1.

An upcoming new FW 8.9.3.x will bring (besider others) a lot of new functionality and improvements in the given context:

background image URL: bar txt color: color:

Can already be reviewed / tested with 8.9.3.x release candidate in preparation (change-history pending) under:

Suggestion for Snom 360 & 370 users: please consider replacing it with an Snom D375:

Thank you for your comprehension and cooperation!

Greetings from Berlin,


The request is still pending a resolution by Development. We do not have an ETA on a fix.



do you have any update about the implementation of SCPP-1471?

Best regards,

Jakub Zima

We have already a Feature Request (internal tracking ID: SCPP-1471) for customizing the font.
But for the time beeing I don't know when this will be implemented.
l am going to add your forum post as another client requesting the feature.



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