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Guidance on 802.1x certificate deployment


I'm searching for guidance on how to deploy/rollout certificates to SNOM phones when using 802.1x with EAP-TLS.

I found the guide written by Martin Goth. However, this guide is not very thorough...



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Hi Christian,

i wrote this guide :). Basically it is only example files for a running environment. What do you exactly miss there? How to setup a Cert Infrastructure and deploy certificates is not part of the guide as there are many guides on the net.

Best Regards Martin


Hi Martin,
where can I find your guide?

And also, a question SVP:
I can't find in the dropdown list of eap method "EAP_TLS" but only "EAP_MD5"
The phone is a Snom 710 and firmware the latest
Where am I wrong?



Hello Andrea,

please note: the Snom 710 is limited to support for EAP-MD5 only.

An D715 and higher models support EAP-TLS. (for Snom D712 direct 710/D710 successor I need to double-check)

Thanks and greetings from Berlin,


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