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Hotline Functionality per Identity

I have two snom 320 phones running 8.4.32 firmware: SnomA and SnomB.  SnomA has three identities (101, 102, and 103) each assigned to a function key (1,2,and 3).  SnomB has three identities (201, 202, and 203) each assigned to a function key (1,2,and 3).  I need to be able to press function key 1 on SnomA  (Identity 101) and have it ring the function key 1 on SnomB  (identity 201).  If I press function key 1 on SnomB (201), I need it to ring on SnomA, function key 1 (101).  I want to be able to do the same things with function keys 2 and 3.  I need 102 to call 202 and vice versa and I need 103 to call 203 and vice versa.  Obviously I can use the speed dial functionality for part of this, but if I set the function key up as a speed dial, I cannot have an incoming call ring in on it.  I also tried using action url, but that appears to be for the entire phone and not individual identities.  I have looked through the wiki and haven't found anything.

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Has anyone had a chance to look at my previous question?  It seems like I should be able to use action url on the different functions keys to do this but I have tried everything with no luck.


Hi Billy,

this sounds like you could use the BLF feature.

In the WebUI of the phone go to "Function keys" and configure the keys you prefer, her: P1-3.
In the first box choose the first identity , in the box nest to it BLF and just add the extension number of the correlating extension and so on.

Have a look at this screenshot:


Does this help?


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