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SNOM 320 firmware with VPN support

Dear all,
could you please include or provide firmware/patch with vpn support for SNOM320? Is it possible to run vpn client on snom320 at all?

Thank you in advance!


 Hi Velizar,

unfortunately snom320 doesn't support openvpn.

see more about openvpn and snom phones under:

best regards

Hi Sidaty,
I know SNOM 320 doesn't support vpn. Is there any reason for that? May be hardware or something else? Is there any chance in future to have vpn support?
We have dozen and may be more operators with snom320.



It is most likely that the hardware will not adequately support the VPN.

Perhaps someone from Snom can on the plans for a refresh of the 320. I thought that a new model was in the works. Something like a D325.


Thanks Alan.


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