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Snom m325 XML Phonebook Error

Since several days I'm trying to import a Phonebook via XML to my Snom m325. It seems that there is a bug in the firmware, the mapping of the XML fields to the contacts does not work correctly.

I have created a simple XML File like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


On the Phone only the entry "Aaa" is shown, but with wrong fields:

- Home is 333 (should be 1111)

- Office is 1111 (correct)

- Mobile is 5555 (should be 2222)

- The contact entry "Bbb" is not shown

Has anyone the same problems? I'm running the latest firmware (324B12)


how you configured the device to access the xml file ? Which kind of addressbook you selected ?



the phonebook is configured as a local XML Phonebook and then I've uploaded the XML file trough the webaccess.

Hi fusa_001,

I'm wondering that you are able to store more than on number by contcat. I'm not very experienced with SNOM devices but I've found this in the german wiki,_will_it_be_possible/de

which says: Today just one number by contact


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