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snom d725 handset


I just purchased a snom d725 and when I pick up the handset nothing happen...

Did I misconfigured something or should I bring the phone back to the vendor?

Lifting the handset does not trigger any reaction on the phone.
The handset itself is working: tested on my old snom 320...
I think is the hook switch!
When you lift the handset does the phone go off hook? This will determine if the hook switch is functioning.

Have you tried the handset and cord on a different phone? This will determine if the handset and cord are functional.

I have seen times when the handset is plugged into the headset jack.


Here are the settings of the handset... maybe I'm forgetting something...

idle_offhook!: off
offhook_dial_prompt!: on
disconnect_on_onhook!: on
offhook_accept_calls!: on
firmware is
sip works: I can do conversations via the speaker... It seems like it does not recognize when I pick up the handset.

It would be helpful to have a bit more info. What firmware? What PBX? Is the phone registered?

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