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Snom new website Firmware page

Could you please assist me to find out the UC firmware page inside the new portal?

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Dear Bren,

you should find the information in the ticket you opened.



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Was just going to make a topic about this as well. All the links in the are not working anymore.

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Seems like the link inside the wiki is broken?

Created a ticket, and indeed it still needs to be implemented. I tried to copy the answer he gave me with al the links her but for some reason the post will now show after posting, guess to much characters or something...

Does anyone know a working way to get to SNOM UC Firmware?

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Has this been resolved?  What is the most current version?  I have

Not Yet.

 Also needing these firmwares that are now no longer linked / working :(

Same here...


I am also looking for the UC Firmware...

Also looking for D715 UC Firmware!

I registered for a Partner Account and requested access to the UC Firmware download section.


Christian...where do you register for a partner account and how do you request access for the UC Firmware download section?  I desperately need the UC firmware for a PA1.  Thanks for any help.


I can send you for the PA1.

Anyone actually managed to get into the new firmware section yet? I've gone back and forth between helpdesk and sales etc, and yet still not actually been able to see anything. Really frustrating as it used to be really easy to see if there was a new firmware, and then download if required. Now, I have no idea! For Clarity i am referring to the UC/Lync firmware.

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