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Snom 870 incoming calls in info area


I just updated a Snom870 to

Now, when I'm on the V-keys display page for monitoring other phone state, if someone call me, the 870 display only a little red rectangle in the info area and I can't see who is calling me. If I "click" there, the call is answered.

On the idle screen, instead, the incoming call is displayed with the proper popup.

How can I configure the 870 to display the incoming call in full screen also if I'm in virtual keys screen?



same Problem here. I try to set "show_name_dialog" perm to "off", but it don't work for the V-Key Display Page. Perhaps someone has a idea?




We also have the same issue, users like the default idle screen to be Virtual Keys but incoming calls then only show inside the tiny BLF view.  This has occurred since upgrading to

Any advice on which configuration option changes this to full screen for incoming call.



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