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Snom 370 one way audio issue


I am using a snom 370 (snom370-SIP and an M9r (9.6.12-a) with Asterisk 13 (PJSIP only) and experience one way audio on calls bridged with chan_mobile. So everything else works (all combinations of PJSIP, DAHDI and IAX) but incoming audio from chan_mobile to a snom phone does not. I have tried various codec combinations, symmetric rtp, disabling RTCP with no luck. This only happens with the snoms, i do get audio when using X-Lite.

I have captured traffic, rtp packets reach the snom phones. I am attaching the log of the 370. My question is about the last line:

19/12/2015 13:48:55 [DEBUG0] PHN: SIP: Response CallStats 23749 (2) state terminated: Rx Total_Rx_Pkts=3340,Rx_Pkts=0,Rx_Pkts_Lost=0,Remote_Rx_Pkts_Lost=0, Tx Total_Tx_Pkts=504,Tx_Pkts=504,Remote_Tx_Pkts=3333


Although total_rx_pkts is 3340, rx_pkts is zero. Any suggestions on which settings can filter out received packets?


(12.4 KB)

Best Answer

I'm solve this with set rtp packet size from 100ms to 20ms. Try it.

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Have same problem with snom870. I have snom D715 and D765 - it's work. 

Problem start with update asterisk from 1.8 to 13.7.2.

When I take tcpdump on my snom870 and open in wireshark - I hear incoming audio, but my handset stay silent.

Please help!

similar experience here with Snom D725,,,



I'm solve this with set rtp packet size from 100ms to 20ms. Try it.

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