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Remove MAC From Provisioning Server

Please remove Snom 821 from provisioning server:

MAC: 000413458571

Best Answer

 there is no redirection set for this phone!



 there is no redirection set for this phone!


Please remove Snom 300 from the provisioning server. MAC: 0004133D0F31

Before submitting a request for removing a phone from Autoprovisioning/Redirection service, please make sure you read the following information and requirements:

You must be the owner of the phone you want to have removed.
At the moment we cannot remove Vodafone branded phones or DeLAN phones from the service.
If your phone is locked to a provider please contact the provider and ask them to remove it. If they do not know how to do it please ask them to confirm that the removal is ok. Then please fill a support request keeping in CC the provider.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Hi there. I can confirm I'm the owner of this handset, that's is not Vodafone branded and not locked to any provider.

Please proceed with my request as stated above.


HI Randolph i sent you an email explaining where to go, to remove your phone from redirect server.


I also have purchased a used 710 but despite resetting via tftp and checking that PnP is off it still retains it's passwords. Can you remove the MAC from your provisioning server please. MAC (REMOVED FOR SECURITY)


Andrew i have sent you instructions via email



Dear Mark,

please contact the VAR or provider to remove the MAC address.

Our contractual agreements with the owner prevents us from removing this MAC address without their direct consent and knowledge. You will need to contact them directly and request that they remove the MAC address from the Snom Redirection Server.

Warm Regards,



I have noticed that our phone still makes connection to a Snom provisioning server?

Why is this necessary? We have blocked this url on our firewall, but the phone refuses to boot.

Phone asks a password. Is this also the reason why our URL background.xml isn't working anymore?

Kind Regards,

Hi Dieu,

you can change it removing the value "redirection" from this setting:


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For other request of mac address removal, please, open a support ticket