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Temporarily switching Identity from within a dialplan

I have two Identities set up in my D715 with different VOIP providers. Identity 1 is used for regular calls and Identity 2 is used for calls with extra charges (0900-numbers). I have added an entry to the dialplan of Identity 1 to use Identity 2 when a 0900-nummer is dialed (following the example given in the snom wiki). The idea is to have Identity 1 always selected for outgoing calls and to only temporarily switch to Identity 2 for only the one 0900 call. However, when a 0900-number is dialed (with Identity 1 selected fir outgoung calls), the connection is rejected by the provider of Identity 2. Looking at the SIP trace, it appears that the INVITE is using the authentication data from Identity 1 instead of using the authentication data from Indentity 2 to make the call. I'm not sure, but I think this used to work before the last update to Any ideas?

Also if my answer is after 3 Years, maybe your Problem is still present:

This should work for you:

Thanks for your reply and the link! 
Have been switching identities manually the last 3 years (with the occasional mistake :-).
But your tip seems to be a good solution. I will try it out and post the results soon.

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